Summer 2022 schedule is up! Join us on the following Sundays at Durham Central Park at 530pm

May 22nd - Life Skills Foundation

June 26th - Smile Together

July 24th - Ukraine

Coming from a totally different background and through my travels, I learned a lot about other cultures and ways of living. I learned that true happiness can be fostered when we plant seeds of compassion and understanding towards all beings. And that I could use any privilege that I have received to uplift and elevate someone's else life. 


In April 2020, during the world's quarantine, I founded Yoga for a Cause Movement. Its mission is raising awareness and money to organizations that supports socially affected communities, creating a positive impact in the world. We offer donation-based yoga classes and send 100% of the proceeds to the chosen organization. These classes are a great way to take care of yourself while showing up for others.


We are SUPER excited to be partners with Yoga Off East, LIFE Skills Foundation, and Smile Together! Classes are being posted here and at Yoga Off East website once scheduled.


Please contact me if you wish to be on our email list, and to sign up for one of our Yoga for a Cause classes.