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Join Brisa in the Heart of the World
June 22-29th, 2024

 Join us and embark on a spiritual quest in the Heart of the World. Our week together is designed to support your needs & inspire you. From a day at the spa, to riding horses at the beach; from practicing yoga, to reading a book by the pool; from hiking to an enchanted waterfall, to attending a spiritual ceremony; this week is your gateway to a transformative journey of self-discovery, relaxation, and deep connection in one of South America's most awe-inspiring natural landscapes. 


 Nourish yourself from the inside out through yoga and meditation, connection and friendship, adventure and fun, and through living authentically and fully! This is a judgment-free zone for you to celebrate and be yourself. We are here to support you as you find your own kind of zen.

​​Deep Connection with Nature

Our retreat takes place in a secluded and private oasis, the Gitana Del Mar Resort, allowing you to connect deeply with nature and life itself.

Daily Yoga and Meditation Sessions


Led by experienced yoga instructors, our daily sessions offer a holistic approach to yoga, catering to all levels of experience. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced yogi, you'll find guidance to deepen your practice. The sound of ocean waves, the scent of tropical flowers, and the gentle rustle of palm leaves in the wind will accompany your yoga and meditation practice.


Cultural Immersion


Immerse yourself in the rich indigenous culture of the region. We offer opportunities to learn from the local Kogi and Wiwa communities, gaining insights into their sustainable way of life, spiritual practices, and traditional wisdom.


Eco-Friendly Accommodation


Stay in eco-friendly accommodations that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Gitana's Eco-Chic Bungalows are the ideal place to experience the beauty and peace of Colombia's beach jungle. Each bungalow is designed with a very distinct architectural feature that the indigenous from the area have been utilizing for hundreds of years - the palm roof. Not only are these structures made from sustainably and locally harvested palm fronds, the vaulted ceiling design keeps the rooms cooler and more fresh than any other available man-made material.


Nourishing Cuisine


Gitana's kitchen works with the local fishermen of the area to bring the freshest seafood available. This sea to table approach combines healthy ingredients together in a coastal themed, fusion-style menu with Colombian, Latin and Asian flavors. Their ever-evolving selection is a unique combination of the traditional dishes and flavors from Colombia along with other recipes from around the world. They are passionate about supporting their community and use the most local ingredients available, including fruit, veggies and herbs from our own gardens and fresh-caught fish and seafood from our regional fisherman.

*The chef can accommodate any vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free requests


Adventure and Exploration


Several excursions are available to explore the mystical beauty of Sierra Nevada. Discover hidden waterfalls, swim in crystal-clear rivers, and soak in the energy of ancient landscapes.

* 2 excursions are included in the retreat


Rest and Relaxation


Unwind in hammocks, take a dip in the pool, or simply bask in the tranquility of the surroundings. This retreat is your opportunity to slow down and nourish your mind, body, and spirit connection.

About Gitana del Mar Resort 


Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, often referred to as the "Heart of the World," is a sacred mountain range in northern Colombia. It's a place where ancient indigenous traditions harmoniously coexist with the lush biodiversity of the region. The Sierra Nevada is not only the world's highest coastal mountain range but also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is here in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada, nestled under the shade of majestic coconut palms is a place where you can disconnect from the hectic world and appreciate the simpler things in life. Gitana del Mar is a relaxing world where time moves slowly and you can reflect and appreciate all that life and nature have to give. 



  • accommodation for 7 nights

  • breakfast, lunch & dinner

  • tea, coffee & water

  • round trip transfer from barranquilla international airport or santa marta airport

  • all yoga & coaching workshops

  • 2 excursions

  • service tip for gitana team & excursions guides

Not included

  • flights

  • travel insurance (mandatory)

  • health insurance

  • spa treatments

  • alcoholic beverages, smoothies and snacks from the bar

  • extra excursions that were not planned by the retreat leaders

Pricing starting at $2750 per person

To see the accommodations options and availability go to "register now" below

*(price is in US dollars) 


630-730 am - light breakfast

730-9 am - sunrise yoga practice

9-10 am - breakfast 

10-1 pm - me time/excursion

1-2 pm - lunch

330-430 pm - vision & goals workshop

430-530 pm - yoga & meditation

6-7 pm - sunset happy hour

7-830 pm dinner

*this is a schedule sample and we may change it depending on excursions times and guest preferences




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