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 Hi, I'm Brisa

I am a mama of two beautiful girls and Bodhi the corgi, and wife to the love of my life, David. 


I'm passionate about teaching yoga, I'm an adventure seeker, world traveler, food enthusiast, wellness junkie, and avid yoga practitioner.

I am originally from Rio de Janeiro. Back in Brazil, I studied Dramatic Arts, followed by a journey that brought me to the Rocky Mountains, Bermuda, a sailboat across the Atlantic to the Azores, then the Canary Islands, and Spain. I lived in Aspen, Boston, and Seattle before settling down in Durham, North Carolina. 



Katherine Fabrizio, M.A.

Licensed Professional Counselor

There is something Brisa cannot tell you about herself... but I can. Let me explain. A lot of people throw around the word authentic these days, but few embody it. Brisa Silvestre embodies authenticity. No pretense, no self-consciousness, no false hype just pure love and acceptance. She doesn't know it; she is just busy being Brisa: mom, wife, friend yoga teacher, humble, funny, irreverent. As a psychotherapist for over 30 years, in the confidential confines of the therapy room, I can tell you what most people tell me they hunger for. More than anything else, they want for someone to see them, truly see them beneath all the pretense and trying, and accept them. Few have that to give. If you have had the good fortune of being in Brisa's healing presence you have felt seen, understood, and accepted for who you are. This is a rare gift- one which Brisa possesses and gives away without hesitation. She has no idea how special she is. I have no doubt, a week in under Brisa's healing touch and loving presence you will come away transformed- a better version of yourself. Nothing less is possible.


Margot S.

Master of Public Health

I absolutely adore Brisa's classes. For me, much of yoga is about learning from amazing teachers and connecting with their personalities and styles of teaching. Brisa ticks all of my boxes. She is a ball of positive energy and she brings absolute joy to whatever room she is in. I have never left her class without a smile on my face and a sense of my own power and confidence. 


Her style of teaching is all about giving her students the confidence to find strength in their existing abilities. Her classes are hard - don't get me wrong. I am constantly challenged and always leave at least a little bit sore. But she offers options and variations to all poses, making special note of anyone who might be pregnant. 


Since the first time I came to Brisa's class, I haven't stopped coming. I know that anyone who experiences her particular brand of challenging yoga, exuberance, and welcoming will feel the same. 


Sara S. MBA, MHA

Administrative Fellow

Brisa has completely transformed my yoga practice. Her style of yoga is unique, and nothing like I have studied before. Brisa incorporates intelligent pose sequencing and a blend of healing practices, with the underlying principle of "togetherness". Her genuine commitment to developing her student's is inspiring. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she delivers the content with passion and relatability, which makes her classes that much better. No two classes of Brisa's are the same, and it is apparent that she puts so much thought and effort into creating the perfect balance between intensity and serenity. She clearly directs her student's awareness to create a stronger connection with their body and the movement of energy through it. I can attest to Brisa's approachable, loving, and accepting presence. She has influenced me to feel more empowered, stronger, and strengthened my connection to peace. I am so thankful I have Brisa, and her unique style of yoga in my life.

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Durham, NC, United States


Looking forward to connecting!

"Yoga doesn't care about what you have been

Yoga cares about the person you are becoming"


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