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Haramara Pool


Haramara, Sayulita, Mexico  // April 1-8th

Are you ready to reset, get centered, recharge, and create practices that will support you stepping into the life that you dream of and rightfully deserve?

Raudhah and I welcome you to The Haramara Resort ~ named one of the top 10 eco resorts in the world by Yoga Journal ~ for a week-long immersion filled with yoga, mindfulness, meditation, coaching, connection, and friendship that will nourish your body and soul connection.

Our retreats offer a special time to unplug from your busy routines, so you can relax in nature, practice self-care, and celebrate the person you are becoming - moment to moment.


With breathtaking views set as the background, you become inspired not only by the beauty of Haramara, but also through your yoga practice, mindful conversations with like minded people, self-leadership coaching workshops, and delicious healthy meals created from scratch using fresh local ingredients.

During our week, we invite you to dive deep into your yoga practice, and also to learn tools and concepts that will unlock your inner power, restore your ability to respond and not react, to get clarity on what you want in your life, and how to take the next steps to create possibilities.


Our coaching sessions create a language that you can use to translate your practice from your yoga mat into your daily life. We also offer yoga twice a day, and the classes are skillfully sequenced and designed to calm your mind, energize your body, and invigorate your soul.


There is plenty of opportunities for "play" time and "me" time, and lots of options to choose from, like getting a massage at the spa, or taking surfing classes to delight your soul.

The Haramara Retreat

How will a day at the Haramara Retreat feel like~

Wake up slowly as the sun rises up through the jungle trees. Listen to the birds singing as you are walking in nature, surrounded by beautiful tropical foliage and flowers, and enjoy fresh homemade yogurt and granola, local organic fruits, and Yogi tea, followed by a 2-hour yoga practice to awaken your senses, energize your body, and restore your mind.


After our practice, we will all gather for desayuno, where we will enjoy a delicious breakfast and being around loving and wonderful friends.


After breakfast, you will have time to nourish your soul. Choose to get a massage, walk by the serene crashing waves beach and lay by the natural pool on the top of the mountain with an ocean view. Enjoy this time to rest, reflect, and replenish.


We will then meet for lunch. The chef will prepare an organic and delicious comida, always making sure to honor your dietary needs.


In the afternoon, we will head to the Yoga Shala for our afternoon vision circle which will incorporate contemplative writing, mindful movement, and a dharana practice (meditation)


Then after taking an outdoor shower in your cabana, we invite you to witness the exquisite Sayulita sunset and its transformative ancient wisdom. 


We’ll walk together through the nature path and enjoy a flavor-packed cena. After dinner, some may want to go straight to their cabaña and get a wonderful night of sleep, while others will enjoy swimming or sitting in the hot tub and watching the night sky lit over the ocean view.


What's Included~

  • 7-night stay at one of the top 10 eco resorts: Haramara (accommodation)

  • Nourishing snack before morning practice and 3 meals per day.

  • Water, tea, and coffee are complimentary.

  • Daily Yoga classes/workshops.

  • Bonfire and a celebratory night drink.

  • 19% Mexico Taxes

***Airport shuttle from and to the Haramara resort, resort service tip, and airfare to Puerto Vallarta are *not* included.

Beyond Yoga~

There will be plenty of opportunities for "play" time and "me" time, and lots of options to choose from, like getting a massage at the spa, participating in a Temazcal Ceremony, or taking a surfing class or a walk by the beach to delight your soul. 

Please visit on-site and off-site excursions for a complete list of activities that you can chose to add on to your retreat.

***At this time, we are not pre-scheduling any excursions due to COVID-19 restrictions.


More about the airport shuttle~

Because of COVID precautions, we are allowing you to choose your own transportation to and from the airport. We personally recommend the shuttle provided by the Haramara retreat.


Investment (Accommodation options)~


  • Women dorm cabaña US$2000

  • Double US$2,500 (1spot left)

  • Single US$3,500 (accepting applications for the wait list)

***Price is in US$ per person

***Payment plans available and you can secure your spot with a $500 deposit (*non-refundable), email Brisa for more info.


For more info about the beautiful Haramara accommodations, visit  Haramara Retreat's website.

About Brisa~


Hi, my name is Brisa (she, her, hers). I am a mama of two beautiful girls and Bodhi the corgi, and wife to the love of my life, David. I am a yoga teacher and the founder of Yoga for a Cause Movement.


I love traveling and the outdoors. I'm passionate about learning. I am always looking for new ways to get inspired on my mat, in my practice and when I am teaching yoga, and as a parent and human being. I'm an adventure seeker, world traveler, food enthusiast, wellness junkie, and avid yoga practitioner.


I grew up in Ipanema Beach, in the big city of Rio de Janeiro, and spent my summers at my grandparent's barn, in a small farming town in Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil. Back in Rio, I studied Dramatic Arts, followed by a journey that brought me to the Rocky Mountains, Bermuda, a sailboat across the Atlantic to the Azores, then the Canary Islands, and Spain. I lived in Aspen, Boston, and Seattle before settling down in Durham, North Carolina. Coming from a totally different background and through my travels, I learned a lot about other cultures and ways of living. I learned that true happiness can be fostered when we plant seeds of compassion and understanding towards all beings. And that I could use any privilege that I have received to uplift and elevate someone else's life. 


Though Brisa first found yoga in Brazil in 2003, it was not until 2009, while living in Aspen, Colorado, did yoga become part of her daily life. After only a few days of practice, Brisa realized the health, fulfillment, and peace that yoga would bring, and knew that she was destined to become a yoga teacher. Now Brisa brings 10 years and over 3,000 hours of teaching experience to her classes. Brisa is a certified Forrest Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Early Postnatal Yoga, and Bikram Yoga teacher. She is also a Barre3 certified instructor. Brisa is passionate about coaching yoga with a therapeutic approach. She has recently partnered with Duke University Hospital and is currently involved in a study to help cancer patients and survivors through yoga. Brisa is also a member of the yoga teacher faculty at the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at Yoga Off East studio.


Brisa combines her love for yoga, travel, and adventure through her international yoga retreats.

About Raudhah~


I'm Raudhah. My pronouns are she/her/hers and I giggle A LOT. You could say that Raudhah's path has looked a lot like the Charlotte freeway, where I live now, confusing and yet got me to where I am.


Raudhah was born in Singapore and spent her formative years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Growing up in an International School, she grew up eating all types of food, immersing in different cultures and sometimes combining different languages into one sentence.


Raudhah began her yoga practice when she was in grad school studying how soil bacteria interacted with plants but she could never afford to go to yoga studios. So once a week, she would get on a bus and travel on the LA freeways for 2 hours to take donation and free classes with Annie Carpenter and Bryan Kest.


So when she began making money as a research mentor, she started paying for a membership at CorePower Yoga. In 2014, Raudhah completed her 200hr teacher training with them and began teaching and helping to manage their Charlotte studio.


In October of 2019, she dug deeper into sequencing, anatomy, yin yoga and philosophy in her 300hr training with Adam Whiting Yoga. During a practice with Raudhah, she weaves in life lessons through the lens of civil rights activists and eastern philosophy such as yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Raudhah is currently studying further with Michelle Cassandra Johnson to take responsibility for her role within social justice and yoga.

For more about Raudhah, visit her website.

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