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Hi! I'm Brisa (Bree-za / she, her, hers). I am honored that you stopped by here! I am originally from Brazil and I grew up in Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. I adventured and lived in many beautiful places around the world before settling down in North Carolina. I have always been a YES to traveling and I have been incredibly lucky to have experienced many ways to adventure - from sailing the Atlantic Ocean from Bermuda to the Azores to hiking 80 miles in the Alps carrying my 6 month old baby; from horse packing trips, to backcountry skiing in Colorado; from sleeping in hammocks in Colombia beaches, to hiking from hut to hut in Slovenia mountains with my youngest daughter when she was 6 month old; I LOVE being out there meeting new people, seeing new places, and trying new ways to experience living more fully. Whenever I am off my yoga mat and not traveling the world, I love going on dates with my love, listening a good book, hiking with my dog, swimming in the ocean, riding horses or a bike, going to a costume dance party, listening to Elvis, practicing on my guitar and cuddling with my daughters.



I met David in 2011, we were in the same flight from Rio de Janeiro back to USA. Long story short, we fell in love during those 8 hours and a few months later, I moved to Seattle to be with him. David is incredibly kind, generous, thoughtful, intelligent, hardworking, committed, and hilarious, just an amazing human all around! He inspires me to push my boundaries and go out of my comfort zone ALL the time! He is a leader and a true adventurous spirit!
Savanna is our oldest daughter. She is kind, funny, witty, brave, free spirited, and full of energy! Savanna loves to swim and backpacking camping. She makes friends with anyone anywhere, she loves people and connection! 
Adara is our "baby", even though she does not like to be called a "little baby" at all! Adara is the sweetest, she loves cuddles, nature, and food! She likes to take her time to get to know you slowly, and once she does, she will give you the best hugs! Adara is also all about being silly and funny, she is kind and empathetic. She loves animals, specially chickens! 
Bodhisattva Spartacus AKA Bodhi the corgi is just the best dog in the world. Our family would not be complete without him! He is the girls protector and my forever buddy

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